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Conferences and seminars

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering organized, or participated in preparation of the following scientific events in 2017:

  • Co-organization: Progress in Applied Surface, Interface and Thin Film Science 2017, International Conference, 22nd – 23rd November 2017, Florence, the main organizer: Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Emil Pinčík;
  • Alternative Energy Resources ALER 2017, scientific-expert conference, 4th – 6th October 2017, Bobrovec, the main organizer: IAS, Zdeněk Dostál;
  • Co-organization: 23rd International Conference on Applied Physics of Condensed Matter APCOM, 12th – 14th June 2017, Štrbské Pleso, the main organizer: Institute of Nuclear and Physical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Ján Vajda;
  • Student scientific competition (ŠVOS), FEE UNIZA, May/April 2017, the main organizer: Peter Hockicko (Vice-dean);
  • Seminar on Silicon and Organic Electronics, IAS, 11th July 2017 (within the SENSIBLE project), the main organizer: Jarmila Müllerová (IAS);
  • Students Research Competition of IAS EF UNIZA, 5th April 2017, Liptovský Mikuláš, the organizer: Zdeněk Dostál (IAS);
  • ADEPT 2017 – International conference Advances in Electronic and Photonic Technologies, organizer: Physics Department, chair of the organizing committee: Dušan Pudiš, members: Ivana Lettrichová, Ľuboš Šušlik (DPh);
  • PTEE – Physics teaching in Engineering Education, 18th – 19th May 2017, Žilina, chair of the organizing committee: Peter Hockicko, member: Štefan Hardoň (DPh);
  • Organizing a workshop on the theme "Energy for the Future: Energy 4.0", which was part of the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels. Expert co-guarantors: VŠB-TU Ostrava and Silesian University of Technology Gliwice. The patronage over the event was taken by member of the European Parliament - Ivan Štefanec;
  • International conference DEZ, 19th -20th September 2017, Papradno – Považská Bystrica, Slovakia, coordinator: Martin Brandt (DMAEE);
  • Competition: Technical idea of the year, 23rd March 2017, Jozef Šedo, Ondrej Hock (DME);
  • Obtaining the certificate CLAD (Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer), 1st August 2017, National Instruments, Libor Hargaš (DME);
  • Establishment of the LabVIEW Academy, 1st November 2017, FEE UNIZA, National Instruments, Libor Hargaš, Dušan Koniar (DME);
  • RTT 2017, 12th – 14th September 2017, Vrátna, Róbert Hudec (DMICT);
  • „Current information on the education area at technical universities “, seminar co-organised with the Association for employment of women in science and technology in Slovakia, 25th October 2017, Žilina, guarantee: Aleš Janota (DCIS);
  • Road tunnels technological equipment: project – realisation – operation – maintenance. 4th April 2017, AB 117, organiser: Juraj Spalek (DCIS);
  • Tunnel simulator at UNIZA – properties and usage, 6th September 2017, AB 205, organiser: Juraj Spalek (DCIS).


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