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Students’ awards

Awards of students within the university

  • Dean's prize was in 2017 awarded to the following students of the 1st degree study:

o   Michal Smugala (study program Control engineering)

o   Eva Štaffenová (study program Biomedical engineering)

  • Dean's prize was in 2017 awarded to the following students of the 2nd degree study:

o   Simona Moravčíková (study program Biomedical engineering)

o   Patrik Varecha (study program Electric drives)

o   Nikola Ferancová (study program Electric power systems)

o   Tomáš Miždoš (study program Multimedia engineering)

o   Jozef Valigurský (study program Process control), won the Scheidt & Bachmann Award for the best thesis in the field of transport systems

o   Peter Ždánsky (study program Process control), 

o   Martin Kucharčík (study program Process control),  won the price of the head of the department

o   Lukáš Gradoš (study program Telecommunications and Radio-communications Engineering)

  • Awards to students for work presented at the Student scientific technical competition ŠVOS:

o   1st place:             Michal Pekár (1st degree study)

Martin Sumega (2nd degree study)

Michaela Šnajdarová (3rd degree study)

o   2nd place:            Róberta Vršková (1st degree study)

Petra Urbancová (2nd degree study)

Miroslav Pavelek (3rd degree study)

o   3rd place:            Lucia Rybovičová (1st degree study)

Michal Staňo (2nd degree study)

Lukáš Behúň (3rd degree study)

  • Rector's prize was awarded in 2017 to:

o   Peter Pavel Sokol (1st degree study)

o   Jozef Valiček (2nd degree study)

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