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Bachelor degree programs

Control engineering

The graduate will acquire education in the field of control engineering and process control with the support of information and communication technologies. He/she has also practical experience in application of safety critical control and communication systems performed mainly based on PLC and industrial networks. He/she will successfully apply in the operation of control and information systems at the process and operative level. Theoretical knowledge acquired during the bachelor study will create good prerequisites for further education, either within the further forms of university study or within lifelong education.

Software skills: C language, C++, MATLAB, PLC, ATMEL, MS ACCESS, HTML, CSS, Tia Portal.


The graduate will acquire basic and general knowledge required in wide spectrum of electrical proficiency especially in areas of automobile electronics, hybrid vehicles and electromobility. The gained knowledge is needed for the second degree study programs in this study program or affinitive ones. Even if a graduate would not continue in the next level of the university studies, he/she will gain required wide professional profile and he/she is able to adapt in different technical or other businesses. The graduates of Autotronics study program should be professionals who are able to identify various electronic faults in cars. They can successfully apply mainly in car services and repair workshops, car selling shops and in education institutions.

Software skills: C language, C++, MATLAB, Simulink, CodeWarrior, CodeComposer, Asembler, AVR Studio, Vissim, PLECS.

Biomedical engineering

The graduate will acquire knowledge in the subjects of theoretical and technical basis, as well as in theoretical basis of medical disciplines with emphasis on the structure and functioning of biological objects, biochemical, physiological and pathophysiological processes. He/she will gain knowledge of medical technique and its applications, modern tools of biomedicine, principles of their activities, conditions for operation and their safe for diagnostic and treatment purposes. He/she is able to evaluate functionality of technical and computer aided equipment under given conditions of a health care facility or other operations and laboratories and at the same time able to lead qualified communication with the health care staff. He/she will successfully apply as an expert in medical and biological laboratories, in the operation of biomedical technique, in business and service organisations.

Software skills: C language, MATLAB, EAGLE.

Electrical engineering

The graduate will acquire knowledge from the subjects of theoretical base applied in the fields of power electronics, utilisation of applied microprocessor technique and programming, electric drives, electrical traction, electric power systems and mechatronics. He/she will gain knowledge in the field of quality management and reliability in a production company, marketing and trade, electrical standards, rights and legal regulations related to the field of study. Graduates may further specialise in the field of automobile electrical engineering, electrical traction, electric drives, electric power systems, power electronic systems and mechatronics systems. Graduates obtain theoretical knowledge and practical experience in order to acquire the principles, installations, operations, functions, service and repairs of electrical products, devices and equipment in compliance with international standards. He/she will successfully apply in all fields of power electrical engineering, in the field of mechatronics, robotics, applied microprocessor technique, electronics, optoelectronics, power electronics, computer design and construction in organisations of administrative, production, operation or repair character.


Digital technologies

The graduate will acquire knowledge from the basic disciples in the field oriented to general professional knowledge in the area of digital technologies, electronics, optoelectronics, communication systems, networks and services, transmission media to be connected with obtaining practical experience in the field of digital technologies, mainly information processing, transmission and communication systems. He/she will gain experience and skills in the field of digital system operation. Apart from that, he/she will acquire basic legal, economic and managerial knowledge to be utilised in the field of digital system services, digital security and language skills including specific terms. The graduate will apply successfully as a technician, technologist or manager of technician team, administrator of digital devices and systems.

Software skills: C language, C++, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Flash animations, Code Blocks, LabView, PHPMyAdmin, MySQLWorkbench, ILEAD GIF Animator, XARA X, ADOBE Imagereak, Adobe After Effects, AVI 3d studio, DiagramDesigner, HTML Kit.

Multimedia technologies

The graduate will acquire knowledge in acquisition, processing and presentation of digital signal at an adequate technical, aesthetical, ethical and art levels. The synergy of technical and art education will make the graduate a specialist in creating multimedia presentations. The graduate will gain knowledge and practical experience in working with the screen and the sound element of multimedia that predetermines him/her for working in organisations focused on information technologies, advertising and counselling activities, in public administration institutions, in studios producing multimedia products.

Software skills: C language, C++, MATLAB, Java, JSP, Blender, Cinema 4D, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Protools, HW, SQL, PSpice, Microsim, Corel Draw, QuarkxPress, LaTex.


The graduate will acquire necessary theoretical and specific knowledge, information on technologies and methods from the field of transmission and processing of all information types, on the structure and operation of respective equipment and systems of fixed and mobile networks. He/she has knowledge in information technology utilisation in the given field, as well as knowledge in economics, management, psychology and legal regulations. He/she may successfully operate in companies focused on the area of communication and information technologies as an executive and managing employee.

Software skills: C language, C++, MATLAB, Java, JSP, Blender, 3dMax, Cinema 4D, Audition, Protools, Premierepro, HW, Adobe InDesign, SQL, PSpice, Microsim, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, QuarkxPress, LaTex, Blender, 3dMax, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, MS Office, MATLAB, SIMULINK, from SPICE family – simulation programs oriented on analyses and syntheses of electronic circuits, EAGLE, LabView, VPIphotonics.

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